Workshop Haag and Husalia. 1-2 April 2023


Vi holder workshop med Haag og Husalia. De vil undervise på øvet til avanceret  niveau som kræver at man binder sikkert og er fortrolig med suspensions,

Omkring tilmelding til vores workshops, stoler vi på at I som deltager kender jeres niveau, at I er ansvarlige og kender de risici som I tager og pålægger andre. Ropejam kan ikke drages til ansvar for evt. personskader under vores workshops.

Lørdag: 11.00 til 17.00

Søndag: 11.00 til 17.00

Man kan ankomme begge dage fra kl. 10.00

Adresse: Møgelgårdsvej 22 Indgang fra, Marøgelhøj, 8520 Lystrup

Købet refunderes kun i tilfælde af eventet aflyses.

Lidt om Haag og Husalia :

Haag is a professional rope bondage teacher and runs the Ellipsis Rope Events Foundation based in Rotterdam. He has hosted countless rope events varying from international workshops, performances, demonstrations and rope jams throughout the last decade. Haag is passionate about photography, community work and teaching and his tying style is focused on safety, knowledge/experience-based improvisation, high paced tying, dynamic movement, and creativity. He has a very technical approach to rope which is complemented by his dance background, psychology studies and various hobbies that incorporate fine motor skills.

Husalia started her rope journey in Berlin in 2015 and over time she explored the scenes in England and France. She adapts her active rope bottoming to different styles of tying while focusing on the connection to the partner and the journey that one can create with the help of movement and interaction. She is a ballroom and latin dancer for more than 18 years and has an extensive background in gymnastics. With this knowledge she will share her insights with regard to tying in movement, body awareness and balance.

Haag and Husalia focus on teaching techniques and insights that can be incorporated in existing tying styles. We provide content for both the rigger as well as the model and facilitate switching during the workshop for couples who are interested in doing so.

For Whom?

This workshop is intended for couples tying at an intermediate or advanced level who have attended in-person workshops before from experienced teachers. If you are interested in a high-paced, creative and non-dogmatic workshop that challenges and expands your existing rope technique’s and views, this might be the workshop for you 😉


Workshop Content and Goal

During this 2-day intensive workshop we explore a more dynamic way of tying with our partners while advancing our rope- and body handling skills. We will practice an experienced-based approach for improvisation and the construction of ties and will start with general principles of division of tension, reinforcement of structures and efficacy of placement of rope. In other words: what is the basic shape of the tie and what is its supposed function. From there we will discuss and practice adding structures and layers that serve to embellish, further develop the function and the overall experience between the rigger and model. 


What we (the presenters) enjoy most in rope is the engagement with our partner through the variety in activity, severity, and intensity of force. This can range from caring (while playing with deep touch pressure, mesmerizing flow of movement and touch), to rough play (characterized by physical impact, disbalance, and sudden changes). By incorporating techniques and theory we want to encourage exploration of this spectrum to further our experiences and connections. We discuss physiological changes that can influence the overall tying experience and how posture, muscle engagement and better awareness of one’s center of balance can make a tying session more active, fun and safe. 

The intent of this workshop is to teach you new tricks, techniques and concepts which you can use to improve and expand your existing style of tying and creativity and to further explore and diversify your experience in rope. This workshop will include exercises on the floor, standing, partial- and full-suspension.


Workshop Requirements

– Correct and fluent execution of a single column tie (r) 

* Understanding of basic rope-techniques like: “reverse tension”, “cinching”, “frictions” (r)

* Basic knowledge of safety (r/m) and physical symptoms related to rope bondage (r/m)

* Comfortable communicating any issues or limits during (and before) tying with your partner (r/m)

* Attended a in-person workshop on a suspendable chest-harness (does not need to be a gote) (r/m)

* Able to tie and manage uplines for suspension (r)

* Have experience with suspension and semi-suspension (r/m)

* Able to understand and communicate in English (r/m)


PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to be able to sustain a takatekote (gote/tk) position in order to attend this workshop (m). If you have any questions or doubts regarding the requirements of this workshop, please contact us at prior to purchasing a ticket. <3


### Required Equipment

* At least 8 lenghts of 5 or 6mm diameter jute or hemp rope (natural fibre!).

* Carabiners (at least 4) or a suspension ring

* A rescue hook or EMT shears


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